bunch of whiners

I live in texas and the place i mostly ride is in the woods lots of hills and rocky trails i ride a mostly stock 03 yz450 my concern is the guys i meet there who tell me that my bike is not set up for trail riding. i do not think so, because when i lead and others follow i have to stop after each technical section and wait for them to catch up. if there are open areas of the trail i am told to slow down because the others cannot keep up. these people are not slow riders or beginers some have more experience than me. should i try to set up my bike for the type of terrain i ride or should i find different people to ride with? :applause:

Dude everyone is doing mods and trying to improve there skill to do what you are doing, sound like you should leave it as is, and keep on whippin everyone.

Well, what I would do when they tell me that, given what you say happens on the trail is just smile and say, "Yeah. I know."

You would probably like the bike better overall with some added flywheel weight ( I know I do), and you could gear it down a little for the tighter trail areas as long as you won't be handicapped by the loss of speed in fourth, but I ride in some fairly nasty spots some of the time and mine's geared higher than stock, and I do alright. Don't let them bug you. And don't give up any riding buddies over it, either.

I would find some better people to ride with and tell them they are a bunch of SLOW...whiners! :bonk: Just Joking. The bike you have is a great all around bike. A few mods such as gearing, flywheel weight and maybe a Z-Clutch and you have the ultimate woods bike that will be much easier to ride. The only problem is that you will be even faster - so second thought, Ys you should find some faster people to ride with... :applause:

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