new hot start lever?

I got a set of the asv levers I think they were the f1, they are nice for a good price but I didnt like the fact you had to cut and modify the original dust guard on the clutch to make it fit.Also there was no hot start lever, I picked up the Dr.D hot start lever that mounts on the back of the brake lever. I dont see any way to adapt the original dust cover to the new hot start lever, are you guys running them without the dust guard.Also the cable on the hot start doesnt seem to want to spring load back very well anymore.

Thanks in advance for any input.

I run the sand track alot and dont want sand getting into my cable sleeves!

Check your routing and lube the cable well for the returning problem. We run a Dr.D on the 250F with no trouble, just like it comes.

Like said run it without the cover. Clean the cable often and use like a chain wax to lube the cable. It dries so sand is less prone to stick to it.

but sand gets EVERYWHERE no matter what. Get use to that.

best set up i found. works connection elite perch with hot start, with short ASV F3 lever (part # CMF36-S) or you can get it without the hot start and move the hot start to the brake side of things. your choice.

no need to cut any dust shields remove anything that shuldnt be removed and you can still adjust the lever

thanks guys, for the input I might just get a new hot start cable and change out the plastic attachment at the carb at the same time.

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