settle an argument for me

yeah i know this as relevant to our forum as cleaning a camelback and possibly a little marcus ish,BUT

what would STOP quicker a BMW k12 r or a Yamaha FZ1?

christmas day dispute.

anyone help?

FZ1 because lighter and better brakes.

But then again, BMW wouldn't go as fast to start with!

better than brembo?


as for speed well that would go without saying.

anyone else?

Ive owned two FZ1's (since 02') and driven my sister's BMW's (5 series I think). Ive also had a few chances to race BMW's, Carrera 4's, and a Viper on some pretty technical down hill (Santa Cruz Mountains) twisties where I can brake later and still carry more speed through the turns. FZ by a good margin!

Hope that settles that

my money is on FZ 1 at 208kgs compared to k12 (cant find weight anywhere)

i'm also factoring in the yamaha bias on this forum, but still reckon the fz1's lighter weight would more than compensate for ABS.

any braking scientists out there?

well it's beginning to answer itself

the 'lightweight' k12 rs is 266kgs dry (no oil or fuel) fully fueled and ready to ride is 285kgs

so roughly 58kgs lighter for FZ1. you could have attractive pillion pasenger and still be lighter than the Bang My Wife

fz1 hands down!!!!!

I had a 2002 FZ-1 and it had the best brakes I have EVER used- I traded it for my new 04 WR this year, and I still miss that bike- Of course when ever I ride my 05 FJR, I do tend to forget the FZ1

:applause::bonk::cry::cry: FZ1? Is that what Yamaha is calling the 2007 WR450F. I knew the Aluminium frame would make things different but damn why change the name. :cry::p:lol::bonk:
Bang My Wife

Ahh that's what it means

Never going to get one now... :applause:

Have owned both, fz1 gives the impression of being able to stop quicker ( ie from a given speed over a given distance) due to it being a "naked" bike, however the BMW actually brakes to a halt over a shorter distance, even without activating the ABS

we have a winner

FZ1 takes 3.5 feet less to stop from 60 mph

fz1 111.1

k12 114.6

actaully my brother said my brother in law was a tosser for thinking a fz1 would stop quicker than a k12

do you think i should forward this link to him?

nah bugger it

you both sound like tossers, specially you for putting it up on the forum

Have seen all the responses to your disrespecting others rights and taking your children into danger and teaching them how to trespass, confirms you are a tosser

hey trebor

your comments upsets me greatly and i will lose lots of sleep.

of your three whole posts two are to give crap.

big man.

if you had enough information to generate an accurate respose you would find the gate we crossed was onto multiple use forestry land and was supposed to be open(according to our guide) he has been there several times.

we left the group as my son was wet from a crash and ventured 'near' the wrong area(obviously). the armed man told the other riders i seemed like a nice guy and said we could ride there in the future and stated he may have 'gone off' a little due to someone vandalising some of his property of which we never went onto. his property was on one side of the road and the forestry was on the other.

i think you would be the type to mouth out grand claims without knowing facts, as was the case for my question. the result was, with help from people on these forums, a factual response for which we now have a correct answer and the person who called another person a tosser for expressing an opinion has now been proven to be the tosser, similar to this situation.

really look forward to reading more of your posts.

try to control your need for name calling , it shows you have insecurities, maybe even a disorder of some type. hope you get better. maybe take a tablet of some type. try cyanide

who gives a shit! There're both girls bikes!!! But if I had to choose I'd get a postie bike a blitz them both over the twisties.

I'd get a postie bike a blitz them both over the twisties.
I've never met a Postal worker in that much of a hurry! :applause:

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