sprocket sizes

Which sprocket sizes will give me the most MPH in each gear on my 2000 WR400F? 15/50?undefined

marcus, welcome back old mate. havent heard from you in ages and genuinely missed you.

as for technical help i'm a little dumb, but the smaller back sprocket 48 or less will make you go faster(top end) as will bigger front sprocket, but this comes at the cost of acceleration. basic physics really.


This is a tricky question :bonk:

It really depends on power of your bike and air resistance of your bike and you sitting on it.

On iceracing I use 14/47 which should give me with 19" rear wheel around 140 km/h. On other hand on Supermoto I use 14/41 on 17" rearwheel top speed is 165 km/h.

Only way to test is keep putting bigger front sproket and smaller rear sproket until your bike will not take all the rpm with biggets gear and there you have it.

Which ones comes first, not enought power or air resistance grows too big :applause:

With streetbikes (with normal street tires) air resistance comes up too high around 330km/h or 200MPH then power doesn't get you any more speed because rearwheel just spins faster than tarmac and you will just burn rubber :cry:

Timo Mc

I would go 42/4 if I were you.

Use whatever is stock on an XR100. They are wicked fast.

Use whatever is stock on an XR100. They are wicked fast.


Use whatever is stock on an XR100. They are wicked fast.

And fully sic :applause:

Go with the stock 14/50 combo, but put the 50 in front and the 14 on the rear wheel, you will get the most speed with this combo. Otherwise, yes, the 15/50 will be faster than the 14/50, but clearance becomes a problem up front. Maybe remove a few teeth on the rear. And no, grinding 5 teeth off of a 50 tooth isnt like replacing it with a 45 tooth sprocket.

Std is 14 / 50

I am using 15 / 50 in the trails - tight or not

Rali racing is 16 / 44. Top speed ? About 100 mph :applause:

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