New Teraflex?

Is the new Teraflex worth buying. I thought I heard the new one are junk. Are the old ones available some ware?

I haven't heard the new version is 'bad', just that they are lighter now, due to the deletion of the steel belts ..

--- There is only one size of Tera Flex. The original was called the

Tera Flex Moto Steel Type II 140/80. It had steel belts and weighed

18 pounds. Some could get well over 1000 miles out of one.

Made in the U.S.A. cost about $74 at most places. Lowest cost tire

for the milage on a BRP. You could run this tire at 6~8psi all day.

At the lower pressure it would grip everything, anything. Just way

to heavy for high speed whoops. U.S.A ->Tera Flex with it's steel belts was a great tire for someone that

was going exploring! It had a super stiff carcass, giant knobs and

you could run it down as low as 6psi to grip the rocks and hard


Most XR650R guys think the New China tire sucks but,would be a great tire for the mud and

that's about it....for the XR650R. It is the same size but, is Made in China and is a

150/80 or is that 150/70? it has no steel belts and a cheaper

rubber. It weighs 16 pounds. The most I have heard of someone

getting out of one is 500 miles and it is shot. Costs about $74 at

most places. The XR650L guys have taken this tire over and is good in sand if there are no whoops. The 'R' crowed has given up on this tire :applause: It is junk for anything but, mud.

Both tires are right at 146mm wide. They both look the same. The one

made in U.S.A. was a great deal for a tire. You were getting twice

the milage of any tire (Gene could even go way further) for the same

price as any other quality tire. Now the China tire is still real

heavy compared to other tires and this is a major draw back if you

ride fast.

This has made the IRC M5B tire start to shine more for

the same milage with the same knobby hight. It only weighs just over

13 pounds. It is second in knobby size in tires. I like this tire

for all soft dirt, sand, but, don't get behind a BRP that hits the

throttle hard ;<[

--- I think that there is one major factor in tires being liked and

not being liked with the BRP.

If you are one to make the Oinker squeele no matter if you are going

10 feet or 10 miles. Some are spinning the tire all the

time.....full on or full Braking. There are tires that work great

for CR2500/XR400 power that can't handle the weight and power/torque

of the crazed bore. The Maxxis 7305 IT is one of those tires. It's a

Great tire for lower power rides. It grips a wide range of stuff

but, if you put full power to it from a stumping mad Oinker the

knobbies bend right over. It has a soft carcass for more grip in all

terrain. On hard pack full throttle you are riding on the front of

the knobby only, not the top.

Well, my point is some that are not pushing the bike and are just

out trail riding with family might love the Maxxis 7305 IT. Ricky

racers, riding wheelies and blasting through the unknown won't.

Same with the IRC M5B 140/'s a tire for the full throttle

crowd, the trail rider might not like with tire with it's stiffer

carcass. You would have to run the pressure lower at about 10psi.

The Maxxis Desert IT is the same tire as the 7205 IT but, with a

stiffer carcass, that is why some of the XR650R riders are turning

to it. Another tire that is not very good on the wild running

squeeler is the Michalin Baja. The Knobbs also fold right over and

it won't stop in anything but soft dirt and sand. It does real well

in soft dirt and sand but, that is what it's made for. The Original

My point........

I think it's important to tell the type of squeeling the Oinker is

doing while testing a tire or what riding (Type of Terrafurma, and

power applied) that is needed. There are tire that are junk for one

that would do well for another.

---These are Maxxis IT tiress, they are not close to the same but, all Intermediate Terrain Tire.

Maxxis C6001 IT Front


Maxxis Maxx Cross IT Front 7304 and Rear 7305,





Front and rear tires deliver the type of traction and precise steering that MX racers demand

Provides excellent performance in medium terrain conditions

Maxxis Maxx Cross Desert IT Front 7304D and Rear 7305D,

Looks just like the tire above:

Specially designed compound increases durability in rocky or desert conditions by reducing chipping and cutting.

Stiffer carcass design minimizes flex, reducing the chance of pinched tubes.

Tall knob design improves traction when racing in sandy conditions.

Maxxis makes a good Hard Pack tire called Maxxis Maxxcross 7301 HT

--- The IRC has taller knobbies. Lasts longer in the rocks. The S-12 and the Michelin Starcross MS2 and Michelin M-12 Intermediate Terrain are all good tires. The carcass is a little soft for full power on hard pack, where I live. Eric (Lives in Maine and runs the Pig Pen) likes the S-12 & M12 as do most the guys in Canada. I don't get to ride in soft DIRT (loom) very much here but, if I did I would run the S-12 but, here (Southern California Desert) that tire wouldn't last a day in the rocks or maybe stick with the IRC M5B, seems I allways come back to that tire.


MIC_S12R.JPG I would think this would grip roots and wet dirt better.


ircm58.jpg Great Desert/sand tire. I am waiting for Eric to try it in his Black Fly, Blood sucking deer fly, swamp infested back yard and tell us the difference.

120/100x18 Pirelli MT44 Soft Terrain


120/100x18 Pirelli MT18 Intermediate Terrain


All about the XR650R

Is the new Teraflex worth buying. I thought I heard the new one are junk. Are the old ones available some ware?

Hi goblin127: Here is the place to get the ( 140/80-18 USA ) or the ( 150/90-18 China ) Happy Holidays. :applause:


Thank's for all the imformation guys.

John @ m&h tires is a super guy ! I just got a china tera flex about four months ago. I'm dissapointed in it(traction wise) It throws a nice roost but slips too much. (@ approx 6lbs air)I think too many knobs too close together, ( I might cut out some & retry)I had a mich desert 140/100? and thought it gripped better. I will probably go back to it on next purchase . bigger $ though. I dont know about usa version of teraf, but if knobs are same pattern ,I will not buy again. I ride 98% dirt . which is soft sand ares & mud areas, & a little hard stuff. My riding style is mostly wot or brakes if i'm not low on gas. My .02. Good luck !

I've been riding in snow and mud lately and the Tera Flex works much better than the Michelin S12 I was running before (and that tire worked very well). In the hard pack the Tera Flex doesn't have the grip of the S12 and and feels like it's rolling over a bit, it's very predictable and doesn't cause any drama but it wouldnt' be as fast on the hardpack but if you ride in nothing but slop it's incredible. You really notice the unsprung weight in high speed whoops as well but for the type of riding I'm doing, slippery, technical, tight trails, rarely over 3rd gear it's the best thing since sliced bread. You won't believe what you can climb with this tire.

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