Can everyone pass on their moto links?

Post your links and I'll add them up here for a directory.

where are teh good places to buy parts?

good places for riding "lessons"?

Other helpful moto info?

Other chat forums?


2000 WR400F - Thumper Racing Exhaust Insert, Throttle stop shortened, Grey Wire Cut, Filter Cover Removed...

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[This message has been edited by Thumper33 (edited September 05, 2001).] Great prices and sometimes free shipping over $50

I'm not sure this will work,... Hold on!

yup, first try too!!!

This represents 3 years of links, some are duplicates, some are surely dead, some point to deja searches that probably aren't supported anymore.

Basicly, I spend my time doing things other than updating my links :).

<TITLE>Moto Bookmarks</TITLE>



<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="949609834">Trails</H3>


<DT>Timberline Trail ANF

<DT>Marienville trail ANF

<DT>Willow Creek Trail ANF

<DT>ANF pdf

<DT>ANF atv trails

<DT>ANF trail maps


<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="942628344">Metalinks</H3>


<DT>djones' Link List

<DT>All-OffRoad Links For Dirt Bikers


<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="942624666">OnlineMags&BBS's</H3>


<DT>400 Thumpers Bulletin Board

<DT>Eric Gorr's Forward Motion Racing Website

<DT> - Table of Content


<DT>WheelBase Magazine

<DT>Fresh Dirt


<DT>WR400 forum by Bryan



<DT>Trail Rider Magazine (2)

<DT>Eat My Dirt Glenn Phelps

HREF="" ADD_DATE="949901251" LAST_VISIT="999662400" LAST_MODIFIED="949901252">ThumperTalk</A>

<DT>Motorcycle Online Nuts and Bolts


<DT>Dual Sport Magazine - On Line

<DT>400 Thumpers Australia

<DT>Dirt Bikes, Motocross Racing, Supercross, Enduro Racing, Off-Road Riding, Dirt Bike Performance, Dirt Bike Information and Disc


<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="937874607">techies</H3>






<DT>Charlie D's Jetting



<DT> Re WR400F Fork Oil Change

<DT>Gary Semics Motocross Schools and Videos

<DT>Trail Rider Magazine Enduro Tech

<DT>These Tech Tips cover anything and everything relating to Motocross Racing. Tip #1 DESIRE. You've got to have it... Tip #2.

<DT>suspension nws

<DT> european YZ-WR breather hose (Was Re YZ 400-help-please!)

<DT>kinetic energy injector (E.Gorr patent.

<DT>GT Thunder Test Bench

<DT>Favorites from Outlook Express


<DT>racing fuel

<DT>Tuning Guide

<DT>Weather Calculator


<DT>Dryvtech 2x2x2 Homepage

<DT>Motorcycle Utilities


<DT>tips twenty years of tips2

<DT>Racing Theory Introduction

<DT>Keihin FCR tuning manual

<DT>ADDS - Java Tools

<DT>Density Altitude Calculator

<DT>Understanding density altitude


<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="942624301">Retail</H3>


<DT>DRG Availability

<DT>Carburetor Parts Warehouse

<DT>GT Thunder - Two-stroke Performance

<DT>Hi-Per Sports in Colorado Springs - Order motorcycle parts and accessories for Hondas, KTMs, Kawasakis, Suzukis, and Yamahas mo


<DT>DCT Online Motorcycle Accessories

<DT>MX South

<DT>Recreation Unlimited

<DT>MotoBooks Online



<DT>Dirt Rider - Your dirt bike, motorcycle and watercraft parts and accessories warehouse


<DT>Dennis Kirk, Inc


<DT>Sudco Motorcycle Parts Distributing

<DT>STROKER Fourstroke Speed Equipment

<DT>Rim Rock Racing

<DT>Bill's Motorcycle Plus

<DT>Northeast Vintage Cycle

<DT>Pecos Bill Tires

<DT>Factory Connection - Suspension Tuning for the Serious Racer.



<DT>WR400 parts fische in Harvey's Lake

<DT>Service Honda, Honda motorcycle parts, Hondaline, Aluminum Frame CR500,CR500AF, CR engines,

<DT> for Enduro, GPS, and 4 stroke motocross

<DT>Motorcycle parts and motorcycle accessories for all motorcycles - Bike Bandit.


<DT>Metric Specialties, Inc.

<DT>Riva Yamaha Online Microfiche

<DT>OnlineMicrofiche Index

<DT>CERNICS Suzuki-Honda - 1-800-cernic-5


<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="942624546">Manufacturers&Distributers</H3>


<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="951402363">bearings</H3>


<DT>SKF Group Homepage

<DT>NTN Product Search (Bearings)

<DT>FAG Kugelfischer

<DT>SKF Interactive Engineering Catalogue

<DT>The Boca Bearing Company - Inside Look


<DT>Garmin GPS Mounts

<DT>ATK USA Motorcycles

<DT>Kientech Engineering - Home Page

<DT>Malcolm Smith Motorsports


<DT>American Suzuki Motorcycle & ATV Division


<DT>Gas Gas Usa, Inc.

<DT>Yamaha Home Page


<DT>CRD site

<DT>Ceet Racing Products

<DT>Cannondale Motorcycle Home Page

<DT>Keihin Racing Carburetors

<DT>Offroad Products

<DT>IMS Products - Your Source for Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

<DT>Cycra Front page

<DT>Acerbis Worldwide

<DT>Renthal Web


<DT>PTrAn - Pressure Trace Analysis - Engine Simulation Software - 2-Stroke Engines

<DT>OPTIMUM Power Technology, Engine Management, Data Acquisition, Engine Simulation Software


<DT>Race Tech Motorcycle Suspension

<DT>Sprocket Specialists

<DT>DID Racing Chain

<DT>Applied Racing

<DT>Clarke Mfg.

<DT>Summers Racing Components

<DT>Scotts Performance Products Motorcycle Accessories

<DT>Factory Pro Producers of the EC997 Low Inertia Eddy Current Dynamometer Series and Quality MC performance products

<DT>BRP (billet racing products)



<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="942624699">Clubs&Organizations</H3>



<DT>ECEA - East Coast Enduro Association


<DT>Keystone Off Road Riders, Inc.

<DT>GA Offroad

<DT>Blue Ribbon Online

<DT>So Cal OHM Club

<DT>Allegheny Nat Forest

<DT>Tower City Trail Riders Incorporated

<DT>TRCR - Western Pennsylvania's Premier Off-Road Club

<DT>Volunteer State (Tennessee) Trailriders Association

<DT>WNYMA - Western New York Motocross Association

<DT>stuntrev Extreme Sports Page



<DT>Keystone Off Road Riders, Inc. (2)

<DT>Brandywine Enduro Riders Chester County PA, Rattlesnake Enduro, Crossforks PA, Dirtbikes, Trail Rides, Motorcycles, Potter County, Quiet Oaks Campground, 2000 ECEA Enduro of the Year

<DT>High Mountain Dirt Riders


<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="942624844">Spodes</H3>


<DT>Doug's Dual Sport motorcycle page

<DT>RMD Page


<DT>KTMbuzzbom's DualSport page

<DT>SpodeKill's Zero Gravity Dirt Bike Page

<DT>Baxter's Theater of MotoPain

<DT>Chris Russel


<DT>400 Thumpers Australia

<DT>Doc Wong&Clinics_tips

<DT>VLJ's Dirt Bike - OHV Map - GPS - San Rafael Swell '97 Ride Home Page

<DT>Ivan Liechty

<DT>KLRSKIR's Home Page

<DT>John Brunsgaard's Home Page



<DT>western pa. riders - DirtRider.Net Forums

<DT>Motorcycle Look up

<DT>Honda Gallery

<DT>Marine Turbine Technologies LLC

<DT>Yamaha WR400 Owners Forum Home




98 WR400 Dualsport!

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Originally posted by lewichris: Great prices and free shipping over $50. This is the sales guy that you want to work with. He is great. His name is Dave Vargas and here is his e-mail. Hope he can help you out. These are some of the best prices that i have seen. Give him a try.

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