How do I convert my 99 YXF for trail use?

Thought I'd post here as this seems to be a more trail oriented forum.

I've been trail riding / wrenching 18 years.

I'm coming from a 1988 XR250r and the YZ400F I bought is too much bike.

Price was irresistable... I couldn't buy a similar XR for that cheap.

I prefer single track goat trails, hare scrambles, trials sections here in Central VA. The YZF does not. It is more of a a drage race MX special with an on off switch. I've dropped 2 teeth up front (Need to drop a few in the rear). What gearing works best for VA's super tight woods?

I'm also thinking of changing to WR timing on the exhaust cam... Is this an effective mod to tame the abrupt surge of power and reduce stalling in those nasty rock strown creek beds. Currently I've got to chop the throttle just to make turns. The power is scarry fun but lots of work, and makes for short rides in the tight woods.

I've picked up a Baja Designs kit off of Ebay (CR450F). Hope to get the E-line stator kit for the YZF and with it the added benifits of the E-line stator weight. Soon as I can get the money right, that thing is expensive...

Can anyone share their set up? What works? Will this killer MX bike ever compare to the great trail scooters?

Selling it and picking up a WR450/250F has crossed my mind.

My best friend and I both went out and bought 99 400's at the same time. I bought a WR and he bought the YZF. While we both ride and race offroad the majority of the time he came from a strong MX back ground. He could never get that YZ "off road friendly", he used gearing, suspension, and a fly wheel weight and it was still too much of a light switch. Remember that the early generation YZF's were expected to compete with 2 strokes of the day and while technology has made that possible today, back in 99' they were trying to do it with pure brute force :bonk:

My buddy went back to YZ 250 2 smoker and he is fast as hell in the woods on that.......... I would see if you can get a newer WR exh cam conversion for the auto decomp and give it a try. At WR timing it may do the trick and starting the bike will be waaaayyyyy easier :applause:

Good Luck :cry:

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