Don't like my fat ass radiator guards!

I don't actually know what those events are, I just got into dirt biking a couple of months ago so I'm still trying everything out I can. My girlfriend is doing her first scramble this weekend (hangover scrambles) but I'll be unable to due to my busted radiator.

You'll definitely want to check out the Frostbite GP next month at Pacific Raceways in Auburn, it is one of the coolest events of the year. Flyer can be found at Good luck on the rads :applause:

I'm getting ready to get a set of rad guards. I was wondering if you still use the louvers with Unabikers or any other set of guards for that matter? Also, are the B&B guards available in the U.S.A.? Which of those two are better?

No, you dont use the louvers with the Unibikers, at least I dont. I think the Unibikers would be damn hard to beat.

Ya, I tried to reattach my stock louvers to my Flatlands but there was no way they'd work. The fender barely clears the guards as it is.

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