XR600 Rear disk brake retrofit

I am tempted to retrofit a rear disk brake on my '87 XR600 to replace the marginal drum brake (and upgrade to a 18" wheel as well).

It looks like a fairly simple swap - it appears that I can use my existing swingarm - will the brake caliper holder fit onto the existing drum brake hub stay on the swingarm? Will the brake pedal need to be replaced with a disk brake unit? I know I will need to fab and weld a couple of brackets to hold the master cylinder & reservoir. Are any additional/different wheel spacers required?

On another subject:

Does anyone know if a '88 & newer front disk brake rotor will bolt-up to the '87?

Anyone have any extras of these items laying around that they want to get rid of?


It's not worth the effort. Upgrade your choice of bike if you must have a rear disc.

The front disc did not change until '93.

If you do change, let me know. I may be interested in the wheel. I have all of the suspension parts except a rear wheel with drum brakes to make my XL into an XR suspension-wise. (The XL wheel with cush drive is too wide for the XR swingarm.)

The disc change in '93 was cosmetic, all years front disc will fit.

I did it to my 90. But I went the easy way (expensive). I bought a new swing arm. The caliper carrier rides in a channel on the swing arm so you will have to cut the square tab off and weld the channel on. Not a good idea, I do not recommend this unless you are a master welder/fabricator.

These are all the parts I had to get to complete the project.

91-on swingarm, wheel assembly, rear spocket, rear brake assembly (caliper, carrier, line, master cylinder), brake pedal.

88-90 the shock and linkage are pretty much the same as 91-on, so I didn't have to change the shock out. That is probably something you will want to look into as well, before buying any thing.

Good Luck if you decide to do it.

I did this on my 89. Though I had a complete 93 parts bike. So I used the swingarm, caliper, master cylinder, resevior, pedal and hoses, and tire assembly. I then cut off the mounting brackets for the master cylinder and pedal, and welded them on to my '89 frame. Came out really nice. I'll try and post some pictures.

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