Bash Plate/Skid Plate-WR450f

Who can I order a decent aluminium skid plate from by mail, I can't seem to find one here.

I'm not happy with the standard one fitted, I need more engine protection.

find a local aluminum welder. get him to build you one. where you live it will prob be cheaper due to shipping.!



^sorry, not the best pictures. but that is all i have hosted right now.

Did you try the Yamaha web site for your country/region and look at their accessories. Here's the one they sell in the states:

Skid plate

UTah sports cycle skid plates.

2nd the Utah plate.

Well known on this forum Utah Sport Cycle has the best coverage and I can vouch for its protection in nasty rocks like this: Three of us got pinched toes on this ride and plenty of beating on the Utah bash plate!



Love my Utah Sport. :applause:

I concur, Utah sport cycle is the way to go! :applause:

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