longer wearing swingarm slider?

I tried the search feature .I still have questions.

The tm designs does not list one for the 2000 426. will the part for the 450 work? or am I doomed to replace the crappy one regularly?

It seems to me that the UFO sliders are a little harder, but my original is still in place on my 450. Chains that run excessively loose will be harder on the slider. Don't make it too tight, though, because that's hard on the chain, the sprockets, and the bearings in your rear wheel, swing arm and output shaft.

The 426 and 450 have a different swing arm. I don't know how different the sliders are, but Yamaha lists two different parts for the two bikes.

If you're having a wear problem on top of the swing arm itself, you might want to Try My Solution

The 02 426 is the same swingarm as the 450s. That was a 02-05 part

I recommend what gray did, I did it and it works perfectly! :applause:

I know TM designs makes one for the 00' 426. I had one...

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