06' 450 Shipped

I called my dealer today and he said my 450 was shipped this morning but didn't know where it was coming from or how many days until it gets here. I was wondering if anyone else heard this before they got there's and how long it took to get it, anything will help thanks.

Are they that scarce? I was at the shop today, and there sat an blue 06 sitting right next to an 05. I am totally amazed at how skinny it is this year. It has to be at least an inch and a half skinnier in the mid section of the seat compared to the 05 450. Looking from the rear to the front the 05 swells around midseat because of the frame and airbox, the 06 stars just as skinny as the 125 2 smoke is. I swear it actually looked 10 pounds lighter than the 05.

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