Over the Bars!


I've had my 01 WR426 for 2 weeks now. Great machine! When riding, I find it way too easy to get positioned too far over the front which gives me the feeling I'm going over. I'm 6-3 with looong arms. Is this what the J. Button and other high-bend type bars fix? I'm just off a KLX300 and I think the seat-bar height was quite different on it. If so, anyone got hi-bend type bars?

01-WR426 YZ Seat/tank, no grey wire, Stock US pipe.


I have a pair of Acerbis CR-High oversized 1-1/8" Pro-Taper copy w/ 1" riser mounts. I'll take $55 plus shipping and throw in two pads. There the same height as my Jimmy Button highs.

I'd like to talk about this further. Email me at stefe9999@yahoo.com.

Please let me know the condition and age of them. Did you buy them for the same reason I am (being tall). If so, why didn't they work out and did you find a better solution?



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