XR650L left case damage

The BRP fell over in the driveway - shifter punched a nice hole in the left hand case. Better in the driveway than way out there on a trail somewhere - all the oil ran out of course.

The shifter also kind of crimped the flashing inside the flywheel so it hits the stator. I don't think it bent the crank,that thing is stout.

Anyone have experience with the sheet metal lining on the flywheel? Can I flatten it out somehow? A new FW is over $400.

Thing came apart very easily - $120 for the case is par for the course.

If the bike it this vulnerable to a static fall I'm less eager about taking it on the trail now. Seems like more of a street bike than a dirt bike to me.

Its probably the hard concrete that made it such a bad deal. I have dumped mine down dirt roads at 60 mph a couple of times with no case damage. I would say take the case and clean it up inside and out an JB weld it or take it to a welder who can do aluminum welding and fix it that way. I wouldnt shell out the big bucks just yet on a new case. Plus you will feel bad all over again when it falls on the new case. I have seen guys fix many a case with JB Weld though. Sorry dont know about the FW. By all means though, dont throw away the case. It can be fixed!! :applause:


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I'd have to agree, it was the concrete. I dropped it a few times on the trail, never had the problem. I'm not sure I'm willing to trust JB weld here, as there is a 2" hole. You could glue the pieces back in but it might be too weak to take another hit. Also the cover is pretty thin - might distort when welded. All the engine stuff is pretty precise in terms of clearances. It would probably work, but not really ideal. It is a 2003 bike and probably deserves better.


Hello there,sorry for the late reply but I was out for xmas.Anyway I had the same problem twice.Both times I had it welded with aluminum.So I made a cover in stainless steel wich covers the lower half of the case.Its prety simple,just cut a circular shape of about 5 1/2" with an inside hole of 2 1/2" then cut it in half.You'll have to bend it a llittle until theres no gaps.Glue it with epoxy and there you go.

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