Throttle stuck

Well I headed out to my riding lease today to try out my new suspension and ride my new 06 in the woods for the second time since I got it. I thought there would be alot of people there but I was wrong. I ended up riding alone, which I never do but I drove two hours to ride so I did. Everything was going good, stopped a time or two and made some suspension adjustments, then came up on a fast straight with some whoops in it so I hammered on it to see how the suspension reacted, I noticed I was going way too fast and by now the front tire was coming up fast, I realized what was going on so I pulled the clutch in and hit the kill button. when I stopped the throttle was stuck wide open, I couldnt get it to return. Finally after messing with it for a while I forced it closed, a couple of twists and everything went back to normal. I took it easy and went back to my truck, tore it down the best I could and couldnt find anything wrong, no bent needle, no trash in the slide, nothing in the bowl. I then took the throttle tube apart and still nothing. I put the bike back together and rode another 30 or so miles without any problems. Hope it was just a freak thing, it scared the crap out of me being by myself. Any ideas?

Make sure you check the cable routing also. I might be getting hung on something.

Check that the throttle stop bolt did not break or back out. That is a sure way to get a stuck open throttle. :applause:

I didnt think about the throttle stop, Im gonna take it all down and check everything before I ride again. That was scary enough in the woods, could have really been bad at the track. :applause:

Vacuum Lock. From time to time our beloved 4 strokes will do this. Somehow the flow of air is "reversed" at the same time air is coming in. It will stick your slide either wide open or shut closed until the motor cools. I believe the reason for this has something to do with hot air rising from the motor back into the carburetor. Older trucks with V8's (60's and 70's) that ran too warm frequented this.

Something caused this to happen, I would have that thing in pieces on the bench till I figured it out.

I had my throttle stick on my 05 because the washer that goes on the back of the filter was in there, no I did not do it, It bent the needle and fractured the top of the needle jet what a mess.

Take the carb apart and check the rollers they could have too much grease or some dirt in them also inspect the slide and make sure that it is securely together, make sure that the needle is not bent. Check every thing.

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