99' YZ 400 Water Pump Replacement

I got my first problem with my 400 and I've never worked on 4 strokes only 2 strokes. I have no clue how to replace the water pump shaft. I looks like I have to split the case. Just wondering if someone could help me out! Semper Fi- DJ

You don't have to split the case, but you will have to remove the right side crankcase cover, which means draining the oil and coolant. The impeller screws onto the shaft, and there are flats on the impeller shaft next the bearing you can use to hold the shaft with a wrench. Then just drive out the shaft, bearing, and seals.

Download a 426 Manual Here

It will help you see how the procedure works and it's near enough the same not to cause you a problem. Just be aware there might be differences. Also useful are the parts diagrams located here: Yamaha Online Parts

No nee to sign up at Yamaha if you on't want to. Just click "proceed to catalog". :applause:

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