who's got a 426 pipe for me!!

i'll pay for it! can't find a used one anywhere, at least not for a decent price. i really don't want to sink a ton of money into the bike, but i'm having eric gorr redo my engine and would like a better breather. thanks

Sent you a PM

i have one i'm not using. it runs around 107 db. at least it was on my bike, when i had it tested. i had to put a quite exhaust for california regulation. i have a headpipe/midpipe/muffler. it is thought to be and early fmf, becouse the midpipe it seperate from muffler. it is all ti and very light. make me an offer

I've got one, PM me if you're still lookin for one.

Don't forget ebay. I saw one last week.


Yamaha yz426 and Yz426f.

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