05 and newer wr450 stator mod?(electrex)

i installed an electrex kit on my bike this summer, and i know there used to be a stator mod that had to be done to the wr's, i did a search but the bikes were all 04 and older, there was no notes with my kit, the only reason i ask is that i was riding the other day and the bike would barely run, i limped it home, it was only charging at 9 volts, then i charged the battery until it was 12.3 it think, started the bike and it charged at about 14 volts. maybe my battery was drained some other way before i left, but maybe the stator won't keep up with the headlight/tailight etc? just wondering if this is an issue with the 05 and up electric start models

The stock DC charging circuit will not support lighting. It is designed to provide enough current to charge the battery and that is all. I think most of the DS kits now out either keep the lights on the AC output or convert the stator/regulator to run DC only. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there is anything different electrically on the '05 vs the 03/04 models.

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