I tried getting the chain off my wr400f so I can clean it and it would not come off!

I got the pin off but the joint will not come off.

I tried pliers and a flat head and a hammer but nothing would get the joint to pop off.

Does anybody have any suggestions for getting my chain off? :applause:


If you a O-ring chain usually after you take the clip of (or what ever it is in english) frontplate will be really tight. I use Patton Chain breaker ( ) to push out both pins from the frontplate and then it will be easy to pull rear plate with 2 pins attached out :applause:

When I install that chainlink again I push that backplate with pins thru chain and put the frontplate on its place and push it deep enought with this: and then put that "what ever" clip on its place.

Hopefully this was at least somehow helpful

Timo Mc

The pins are worn from rubbing against the chain guide. Time to replace the chain or at least the master. Just take a large slot head screwdriver and a dead blow hammer. Put the master on the rear sprocket and wedge the slot head between the O-rings on the back side. One or two hits with the hammer and the master will pop thru the chain bushings. :applause:

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