Acerbis 6 Gal Bar/Top clamp Clearance!!

Just fitted a 6.0 gal Sahara Tank to to my XR650R. What I have found though is that I can't get my steering full lock without pushing into the tank. I do not have "raisers" on the bars and they also have the Acerbis Hand guards on and the bar clamps for thiose also touch the tank. Question: How do I get around this ? Is there a fix for this. There is about another 5 mm to full lock when it touches the tank. My fear is if I take a tumble it could damage the Tank.

three things:

1) add the risers.

2) drill and tap a bolt into the stop on the steering stem part of the frame.

3) buy and install the lower support braces between the skid plate bolts and the lower radiator bolts. sells the support braces for the tank. they where invented by Johnny Campbells brother for his attempt at the dakar rallye with that bike and tank. Sometimes Precision Concepts has the braces.

if you have the fluidyne radiators you will have to weld an extension on the braces....

Cool! thanks for the info, much appreciated.

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