spark arrestor problems

I have a new fmf powercore 4 on the pig and after maybe 15 hours the spark arrestor screen is blown out. Is this normal to wear out this fast? Are there any tricks out there to replace the screen, maybe something from Lowes or Home Depot, or am I stuck paying $20 to buy one from the manufacturer?

Thanks for any help.

Give fmf a call they should stand behind it. I had a fmf pipe on a cr 250 that cracked on the welds so i called fmf and they were happy to replace it that was 10 years ago not sure how they are today good luck

I have the exact pipe on my xr600r, with countless hours on it. No issues, except that one of the cap bolts rusted while the others aren't. Sounds like the screen was just bad. I'd give them a call.

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