Unabiker install on 02 wr426

I received a set of Unabiker radiator guards for Xmas and installed them yesterday. While once installed they look strong enough to stop a charging rhino I wasn’t totally impressed with the install. Where the front shields mount between the radiator and frame I had to elongate the lower holes to get the screws back in and the M6x16mm screws they supply to go on the outside at the top and hold the two halves together are in no way long enough to go through both halves, the radiator, and two washers. IMO they should have supplied 4 M6x25mm screws instead. Maybe I did something wrong? :applause: I’d give the protective quality a 10 but the install a 7 :bonk:

Yes Brian at Unabiker makes the toughest radiator guards that I have seen. I just put a new set on my WR this month and the fit was perfect. He has revised the design to accomodate the GYTR ( Acerbis ) 3.3 gallon tanks! I did end up using longer & larger diameter bolts at the 2 pc guard mounts come together. Top notch product! :applause::bonk::cry:


Has anyone else installed these on a 02 wr426 with a stock tank? I was looking at it yesterday and noticed on the right side where the tank extends down it rests on the radiator guard. Not much movement so I doubt it will rub a hole in the tank but I'm not sure I want to risk it. I don't want to weaken the guard but maybe grind a 1/4 inch off in that area so it clears the tank :applause: What to you guys think?

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