XR650L alternator/flywheel - fix or replace?

I didn't find any info on this after searching the forum, so I'll try a new post.

My 650L suffered damage to the right side case that also damaged the alternator/flywheel - bent up the tin flashing inside the flywheel so there is no clearance, also chipped the protective coating on the stator, but the insulation itself looks OK.

How critical is the gap between the stator and flywheel? Is it OK so long as it clears?

Can I touch up the coating on the stator and be OK?

These are expen$ive part$!!

Most XR Hondas seem to use a similar set up with the stator in an oil filled case. Someone must have had this happen?


The clearance between the stator and the flywheel shouldn't make

much, if any, difference as long as it doesn't hit. The number of

magnetic lines of flux cutting the windings in the stator probably won't

change significantly and that's what counts. As for touching-up

the coating, well, I'm not competent to comment on that aspect

of your problem.

Good luck,

Bob East

Look up info on rewinding your stator and use the same kind of epoxy to recoat your stator.

Thanks for the tips - help a bunch.


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