need a header heat shield...

burned a new pair of pants :applause: ....any how i need the heat shield for the header. (04 450) some one please let me know where i could get one!!! thanks

ebay. You can find stock fit ones or universal ones for the YZs.

Look for " yz carbon"

no joy...but they did have carbon fiber stuff for everything else...unless i am just e-tarded...

I got mine on ebay. Check my "garage" and you will see it.

i found one at guys. btw, they have good prices. $77 for the carbon fiber shield....update y'all on quality if your interested.

Jeez you guys, just wrap the header and the mid pipe with header wrap (TT sells it). Not only will you stop risking 3rd degree burns from the header, you will make a 1/4 more hp.

You have to be aware of the ones from ebay...they use very little carbon and more fiberglass resin...weaker product...I'd order it directly from Eline..thick carbon fiber...great product.

As always buyer beware. But I have never had an issues with the CF parts off ebay. I have a header sheild on my 250F 05 with the RacePro system. No problem, super thick and still looks good.

Yep I agree header wrap is the bomb. I have it on my bike and love it. Never had a problem with it at all. Plus its cheaper than the other guards.

FMF sells a clamp on model in stainless and titanium that is universal fit 34.95 to 49.99. Put mine on the 426 and stopped burning my pants

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