*Attention YZ400 owners!*

From the photo it looks like there is hardly any paint rubbed off of the frame above the footpegs from boots and it looks like the rubber is brand new. Up here that bike is probably $2,000 - 2,500.

Have you checked craigslist.com? I have found some KILLER deals there. A month ago I bought a package deal of an '03 RM250 with some bolt-on mods, an '03 RM125, both in mint condition (seriously mint) and a three rail trailer for $4,500. Then the guy threw in a complete set of No Fear riding gear and Alpinestar boots, and two helmets, gloves, and goggles...he just wanted the stuff out of his garage. I have no desire to own any two-stroke motocrossers so they are for sale but the bottom line is that I will end up with a free trailer.

Anyone know somebody looking looking for a cherry '03 RM250 or RM125? The 250 has black excel rims...looks pretty damn nice.

I bought my first 4 stroke a few months back, after riding 250 smokers . It's a 99 yzf 400. All i can say is wow, what a beast . I ride pretty much all trail and this thing will take me any where..... providing i can hang on. :thumbsup: She does feel a bit heavy , but i'm 5'8 170 lbs.

Installing acerbis tank, full exhaust with spark arrestor, power now valve for the intake and the boysen carb mod..... i can't wait !

Love this bike so far .

hi there, this is my 4th season on my 99 yz400f, and i LOVE it........its been rock solid im 5'8" 140lbs(female) i race enduros and harescrambles on it and ive never had a problem with the weight(its all i know never ridden anything newer so i guess i don't know what im missing).....

if ur going to buy a 98-99 ask about the timing chain ....should be replaced by now before it brakes........i replaced mine and did a valve adjustment by myself in the basement 2 winters ago........

never had a problem in the 4 seasons ive owned it.....nothing major anyways, check throttle cables at housing on carb(could be frayed...don't want those snapping in bush or getting hung up)

my bike still has TONS of compression and power and still on original piston/rings/valves however im replacing those at the end of season.

ive added heavier WR flywheel weight and elextrex lighting coil, WR light, tank and seat, enduro fender, WR rear suspension and softer race tech front fork springs........flat land racing skid plate, barkbusters this bike is amazing in the single track/woods riding.....13/52 sprocket combo....

anyways 99 yz 400 is rock solid with regular maintenance (so ive found) this is the bike i won the 2004 Canadian National Female Enduro champion and 2nd in the canadian national harescramble series........ :thumbsup:

if u don't want to spend the money on the newer bikes this is a great bike for the money..........

i won the 2004 Canadian National Female Enduro champion and 2nd in the canadian national harescramble series........ :thumbsup: QUOTE]

Awesome, congratulations...I think I'm in love!

It's nice to see that there are still a lot of happy 400 owners out there, me being one of them. I would't give it up for anything. I plan to be burried with it.

You too? :thumbsup:

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