Will "Mini" bend bars fit?

Is the distance between the clamps on mini's the same as the WR?

Buy some new ones man, don't pinch your son's when he is at school just to go for a ride! :applause:

I can tell you this...... I put a full size set of Pro Tapers (cut down) on my sons RM85 but the bike has a Pro Taper top clamp on it but it should be set for mini bars, so in short, I would say yes :applause:

Is the distance between the clamps on mini's the same as the WR?

Gots to ask why? :applause:

I live up in Northern Michigan where we cut the handlebar down to 29” or so to fit between the trees. I see Protapers for mini’s start out that width and was thinking it would leave me more room for the clutch/brake not having to chop them up.

Yeah I know what you mean, same story up here in Western Washington and when I cut down my Pro tapers you start running into the tapered part of the bar with your perches.

Good Idea :applause:

some do, some don't. are you going to be using pro tapers on this bike? i run the standard 7/8 bars and have found that renthal lists it's bar dimensions, including the clamping area. i run the yz80 (not 85) renthal bar. it's pretty close to a CR high but is 29" wide and about 1/2" taller (depending on who's you compare them to).

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