Big Bars on my '06 WR450

Need some help / suggestions. I want to upgrade to the 1 1/8" bars, but I don't want to use the adapters. I'm sure they are safe, but I don't like the look and I don't need the additional rise.

Since the '06 OEM clamps are removeable, I'm thinking there should be a direct replacemet upgrade for the larger bars... However, I have not been able to find any.

Has anybody used, or seen anything that will work? As always, pictures, price & a link would be greatly appreciated.


Yes... This is what I'm looking for. Thanks!!! However, the application chart doesn't show the '06 450. I guess I'll need to place a call to Renthal. :applause: Thanks again.

Pro taper makes the same thing in a universal kit that works for everything but a KTM...SC

Thanks! I saw those, but they are listed as "for rubber mounted bars". Sounds like I'll be calling both Renthal & ProTaper tomorrow.

You can order the upper and lower bar clamps for a 2005 YZ-F from your Yamaha dealer and bolt them right in, you can re-use the same 4 bolts for the top clamp and the same nuts for the bottom clamp....that's what I did when I switched over to the 1-1/8 bars.

Here are the parts numbers:

5XC-23441-90-00 Holder handle upper, order 2 each

5XC-23442-90-00 Holder handle lower, order 2 each

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