how to change shock oil

Has anyone change the rear shock oil themselves? I can't find any info in the owner's manual; could anyone give instructions on how to change the shock oil on an03 WR450?

have you ever done any shock before?

Unless you have the tools to do it, I would not recommend it. It is pressurized with nitrogen and therefore you need to refil it when you are done. Also, the tools that are required are very expensive.

I did it on my '00 400 because I needed to change a leaking seal. It is hard to get all the air out because the seal head does not have a air weep hole. There were no special tools required. A local shop should be able to recharge it for less than $15. Considering the hassle it is to do the job, the time it requires to learn to do it, and the mess you end up with, it is not worth it, although I will probably do it again. There is a KYB service guide on the internet and an old article in a dirt rider magazine that can help. I do not have the links though.

Changing the oil is easy. Changing a shock seal is impossible.

have you ever done any shock before?

No I haven't done any shock before--I have done forks on many bikes,top end rebuild on 4 stroke bikes.

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