XT350 vs DRZ400s vs WR426

I posted this over in the DRZ section but I want your opionion. I've scrambled up close to enough money to go buy a DS. I want to play in the dirt, but be comfortable doing it. I also will be spending a lot of time on the street, but I do have a street bike so street ability is not paramount (what is street ability anyway :]). Ok so here are my choices that are currently available to me:

2000 XT350 $3500CDN 15 minutes from my place, dealer

2001 DRZ400s $4750CDN 5 hrs from my place, private (likely trustworthy)

2001 WR426 $4k 2 hrs from my place, dealer, street legal, comes with extra set of rims/rubber for street.

What do you guys honestly think. I'm looking at durability, dirtworthyness without being a HUGE p.i.t.a literally on my butt.

How many miles does the DRZ have? It should have an odometer being the s version.

With the given information, i would go for the WR if it is in good condition and you trust the dealer. is that 4k canadian as well?

The WR seat is thin and hard, but you can get tall soft seat foam for it.

Given those options, I would probably go for the WR as well. Only thing I'm unsure of is whether the DRZ has E start (that might sway my decision), and mileage/hours on all of them.

WR (if it is in good shape) because it has the extra set of rims and tires for the street and it is bullet proof. You get the best of both worlds with that choice. :applause:

But why go for the WR? Lets look at the same approx mileage of all at say....14k. Yes, it's all in CDN.

im also looking for a drz or xt(havnt decided yet).from what i hear the xt sits lower has dated suspension.its air cooled,kick start, and fairly reliable(keep the valves adjusted).itl definitely be slower than a drz.probably cruise at 65mph ok. the drz is the darling right now.electric start is nice! an excellent trail bike from what i hear.at higher freeway speeds 75mph and up i hear of some flightyness and discomfort,(it is a dirt bike for the street so everything is a compromise).from what i hear the seat is not comfortable. so get a new one(gel or something)and a steering damper and roost! im not real familiar with the wr. thats got to be a big bike. im sure it hauls a$$ and has great suspension.is that even street legal??? good luck,and let us know what info you find out about em and what you decide.

But why go for the WR?
First off, the WR is $750 less, includes extra wheels and tires, and is 6 hours (round trip) closer.
I'm looking at durability, dirtworthyness without being a HUGE p.i.t.a literally on my butt.
The WR is the most dirt worthy of the bikes you listed; best motor, best suspension, lightest. The WR is very reliable (said to be "bullet proof") with proper maintenance. I'm not sure about the XT (I assume it is solely based on the fact that it is air cooled), but I think the DRZ is also very reliable. I don't think the DRZ400s is E start, so it holds no advantage over the WR, except maybe comfort. However, I think the DRZ is over priced, especially for a private sale. If the seller would consider negotiating the sale price down (which he very well may) that might also be an option, especially if you would have to add tax to the dealer prices (you didn't mention if the dealer prices were OTD or if tax would be added).

BTW, 14k miles is a lot for these bikes. I hope that was just a round number to even the playing field, but if that's actual mileage, I'd consider something else.

Just a random number to put them even :]. As for price, I'm having a hell of a time finding a decently priced DS out there.

Just a random number to put them even :]. As for price, I'm having a hell of a time finding a decently priced DS out there.

I used to own an 2003 XT225. Very dependable, but VERY heavy. It was the same weight (from Yamaha's page) as my 05 WR450. I got that bike, because it was small, and I wanted the woman to learn how to ride, but she's short, so it was still tiptoes for her, and a very bad bike for her to learn on because it was so heavy. She couldn't pick it up when it fell.

I thought the XT was underpowered. It was comfy to ride (nice squishy seat, compared to the WR). But the stupid thing was so heavy, it wasn't fun when you got stuck. The tires are extra narrow on it too, so it wasn't a very good dirt bike. It was a nice farm bike - take it to the farm, ride around in the fields, but keep it away from mud, otherwise those narrow tires just sink. :applause:

BTW: She has a TTR125 now, and is much happier.

I second Minions thoughts on the XT350. I would also add that the XT350 has a poor suspension set-up for any aggressive off-road riding. They are a nice compromise between the dirt and street but don't do either very well. I found them extremely hard to cruise at freeway speeds. Underpowered and unstable on the highway. I believe you mentioned that you already have a street bike; I think you will be happier in the long run with any off-road designed bike. I would look into finding a plated XR if you must have something street legal.

I say DRZ. It does have electric start and would be the best of the three on road. Then the Yamaha then Honda. The DRZ engine has been likend to a modern day XR as far as maintainence goes. DRZ S stock puts out 33-35 hp to give you an idea, dont know on the other two. If your looking for more dirt worthy then go Yamaha as it by far will be the best there.

i dont know about you guys but in the US the drz shld be electric start. the xt is a fairly old design and wasnt changed much over the years and like i said earlier has mediocre suspension. it does ok but if you push it hard you wont be happy.i havnt played with one yet but it wld need better fork springs and shock oil in the front,and i hear theres not enough rebound dampning in the rear(maybe a good shop cld revalve it,or just replace it with a better quality shock).they are on the slow side and i found a big bore kit to get it to 365cc.big whoop right?im sure it wldnt hurt though.the drz on the other hand can be punched out to 450cc.with the proper intake and exhaust mods thats got to be a rocket!!! the xt shld weigh around 262lbs. dry.a drz shld be 291lbs w/electric start.the older drz350s i believe were kick start and weighed 262lbs.oh and just for the heck of it,if i got the xt i wld incorporate some kind of add on oil cooler for piece of mind(just my personal prefference).

You can buy this DRZ 02 for cheaper.Found it in the auto trader.


Is this the WR 426 your looking at? It's a pretty good deal


If your willing to drive to Cornwall (near the Quebec border) I can go check this one out for you. 5000 for an 03. I bet they will take 4750.


If you are going to DS and want some dirt ability look for an XR 650R and buy a dual sport kit. The reason I say this is that the bike is better and more stable at speed and will be better on the road than the others. The bike is also trail worthy and can handle anything you throw at it. In the tight stuff it is a bit heavier and won't be as nimble as some of the lighter competition models out there. The weight is a bonus on the street as the bike will feel more planted and Will not be as affected by wind. The other bikes could work but not at highway speed.

Where are you in Ontario? If you are in Toronto you are 4 hours away from here.

I e-mailed the guy about the DRZ400s and he sent me a pic.

It only has 500 KM's and I don't think it's seen the dirt as it still has the death wings on it. It is a steal compared to the 01 your looking at.


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