Switching Oils

I have been using Motul 300v 15w50 and can no longer get it here in Phx locally and don't want to pay s&h for an already expensive oil so my question is what would be a very close alternative. I have searched and read about many good oils but never found a comparison made between any other type of oil and the Motul. I just want to use the best oil that I can get in comparison.

Thanks :applause:

Well personally the best thing to do is to signup with Amsoil as a preferred member so you get dealer cost on the oil . I run the 0w-40 and the stuff is just great! At dealer cost, things are very affordable, especially for good oil . Yes you pay for the shipping, but it is not that bad. The trick is to buy in bulk and at least get 1 case at a time if not 2.


Cost is $20 per year for the preferred membership. But if you have a few friends that need oil, you can all pitch in for an order and split the shipping. That is what we do here. Then it is only like $5-7 per person for what ever we order (which is usually about 3-4 cases of oil plus small stuff). Or who ever gets the membership does not have to pay shipping on the first order.

For a comparison, they have a new oil study out on their website. Very scientific, so I would suggest to read it. They run the 10w-40 in that test, and I dont like it as much as the 0w-40 personally. The 0W-40 just last longer and gives you better startup protection.

The MCF Sythetic Motorcycle Oil (NOT Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil) which Amoil just introduced and is featured in that test is different from what they have previously offered in at least one very important way: It is a certified transmission lubricant, and is graded API GL-1 in addition to the engine oil gradings SG, SL/CF, and JASO MA. It does not shear out of grade when used in a motorcycle transmission as all too many oils will. That's what I use. As far as startup, a 10w-40 is very light at low temps, and is suitable down to 14 degrees F.

hello moto,

you can get the MOTUL at ZMOTO,here in Apache Junction


ive got a mate that works on a building site and gets the oil they use in the jcb digger ,dont know wot brand just that its turbo diesel oil. he has a 04 yzf250 and rides it hard every weekend ,at the start of the year i striped it for inspection and to freshen it up ready for the race season ,inside the motor it was like new no notchey bearings no sludge ,whilst i had it striped i fitted a rod kit and piston although they were good,he has road it hard on the limiter all the time and never had a problem ,changes oil and filter every 3 rides, i also use a commer TD oil in my 520 Kym and never get problems i think all oil is good now and don't think u need to spend loads of money on it .the cheaper the oil the more u will change it. don't think u have to worry about using the best synthetic oil just a good turbo diesel oil,.still we are in the UK and are tight as hell :applause:

Hey man this is just a thought. I know where I live I pay sales tax and to be honest most places you deal with out of state will not charge you sales tax (unless they have a tax ID number in that state) so the S&H charges roughly equal that of the tax so it is a wash.

But I run Amsoil 10w-40 MC oil in mine and have zero problems.

Here's a comparison study with Motul, Amsoil, and others.

Check my website to find out more about AMSOIL and how you can do the preferred customer thing as Matt mentioned above. I'd love to have your business.

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