What Are The Best Off-Road Grips?

I put some new Scott waffle pattern grips on my XR650R, and did a 50 mile desert loop ride last Saturday. These grips were not very comfy, and I had a few blisters at the end of the ride. :bonk: I am going to buy some new grips, but wanted to see what you guys are using, and having the best luck with? BRP's rule! :applause:

Has anyone tried these off Ebay??


Renthal Soft compound or any Diamond type pattern.

I have smaller hands.

pro grip dual sport grips

One of my buddy swears by Progrips, he says they are real comfy, and slip on the bars. I will have to see if my local shop sells them.

I have never heard of Spiders, where do you buy them??

I use Pro-Grips, the model with the finger-indents, my hands are big, and tend to slip off the ends, so these grips helped a lot .. :applause:

Hebo, hands down. They're made by Gas Gas.

Click here fo ProGrip review.

i use spider grips offroad on my 03 650r .they work great so far no blisters

Well, that's 3 votes for Pro-Grips. I will plan on hitting the Honda Dealer after work and pick some up. Thanks for the input, experience=wisdom. :applause:

TT Forum Rocks.

I use the Pro Grip 737's and won't use anything else...especially if you have big meatpawls!

I like the 714's :applause:

In dry weather, Spyder Grips are the best compromise between comfort and durability that I have found. Plus, they actually get better with time, developing a 'tackiness' that I haven't found in any other grips. However, when exposed to mud they are terrible (it feels like someone covered the grips with lithium grease). So during the rainy season, I've had the best success with Tag Half-waffle (soft/medium) grips, which are very durable and very comfortable (though not quite as much as the Spyders). Lastly, if you run bark-buster type handguards, Oury streetbike grips (the kind with raised gel squares) are firm enough for dirt riding but have tons of padding for long rides. However, they tear easily from crashes, so running barkbusters is a must. They are also a bit on the 'thick' side, which may be a good or bad thing depending on how large your hands are.

I have Oury's on my mountain bike, But they don't make that design for motorcycles.. :bonk::cry:

So, I have Spyder grip's , they work great for me... :applause::cry:

I ended up buying a set of ProGrip 737's. They seem to be pretty comfortable. I will get them broken in at Glamis this weekend. I took my rear rim in to the shop and had them mount up a Turbo Paddle tire. It looks like it will huck some sand........ :applause::bonk::cry:

Pro Grip have always worked for me, on or off road... :applause:

I really like spider grips

spider grips...soft and helps absorb some vibration. Wont try anything else now!

so far I prefer the good old Renthal half waffle. Have plans to try some spyder grips here soon though.

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