XR650L battery?

I've already ordered an owners manual online for this kind of information but it hasnt come in yet. I need to know what battery my 2001 XR650L uses.


I cant get to my shop manual right now, but when I replaced my battery, I just got a sealed battery at WalMart for the XR650L, they have a handy video-type catalog), am going on my 3rd year with it, and it seems just like new (I keep mine on a Battrey-Maintainer year 'round) .. about $50, if memory serves me right (and after the 60s, no guarantee about that .. :applause: )

Yuasa Battery Ytx9-bs

My original Yuasa Battery YTX9-BS that came with my 1995 XR650L was in that bike from its manufacture in 1994 all the way to 2003. ~45,000 miles.

I replaced it because I no longer trusted it to last. I replaced it with the same YTX9-BS.

I use the original 1995 XR650L battery as a jump-start battery for one of my ATK's. I don't understand how it can still keep a chage. :applause:

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