changing fenders on the xr650r

OK, so I've been out of dirt bike riding for longer than most of the guys and gals who probably read this forum, but it's never too late to jump back in.

That said, I bought a mechanically sound, cosemetically challenged 650 recently. I won't go into what made the pig actually look like a pig but I will say that I won't take it our where I might be recognized.

As in any project bike or project in general you start with what really needs fixing then you kinda branch off into things that you would like to do. Well thats what brings me here. I'm going for a total transformation.

Black, Red, and White

Black fenders to start. My research has turned up zilch on this front. At least where the fender is actually a black xr650r fender. I could paint them but I don't want to go down that road if at all possible. I understand that some guys put other model fenders on their bikes but I've got no idea which ones would fit, how they look, or how much effort is required to adjust the sizing.

Any input from anyone that has done this(or knows someone who has done it) would be appreciated.

Next will be graphics.


there's been lots of posting here looking for black plastics, and the end results always seemed to be "paint it" ... evidently, black isn't very easy to find .. good luck :applause:

go to xr,s only website and they have fenders in red ,white and black

as for graphics just took a look at zlt graphics in corona and they can hook you up im sure .

x thread:

Thanks for the heads up on graphics.

I talked to the guys at xr's only and they told me they had nothing black for the 650, bummer. If you go to their website it looks like you can order black, apparently thats not the case.

Thanks Andy, that is absolutley the first place I have seen xr650 black rear fenders!

For the front fender, you may want to think about painting it black (or flat black, rather), as it limits the light being reflected back at the rider from the headlight as opposed to a shiny black or red fender. This is especially nice if you upgrade your front headlight assembly to a higher wattage bulb. This is what team Honda does, though they have to contend with the light from two giant HID lights rather than the stock lamp. But, same idea. :applause:

Reflection huh? Upon reflection, thats an interesting point.

reflection is when youre back at camp crackin a cold one with your buds


03 650r plated

04 tw 200 wifey

The decal makes the radiator scope look like it's bent like the flag. That is a trip. :thumbsup:


Yeah that flag graphic came out pretty good. Thanks for the thumbs up.

I'm not sure if my bike qualifies as a BRP anymore, just in it's heart and thats what counts. The XR sideplate graphics that are on their way will show off the bikes heritage. I dread the first day I dump this bike, thats gonna suck big time. When I put that new rubber on the bike I almost put my butt on the ground when the front end went reaching for the sky. Damn I love these bikes.

By the way I think your website is great, I've been there several times to get info on this bike and how to manage it properly.

ps I couldn't get that link to function. It could just be my accelerator though.

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