FINALLY!! I found a 450!

Its about time.After riding for my local dealer for about 4 years and then getting screwed on what was "supposed" to be dealer cost, I finally found a bike.I am going to pick it up monday probably.I am paying not much over cost and no sales tax since its outa state.I will definally get some pics and a 06 450 reveiw up very soon.

Can you tell I am excited to :applause::bonk::cry::cry: ?

i hope you've been taking notes of the setup a lot of us have changed - ie fork height and jetting stuff.

Good luck and congrats :applause:

late christmas gift ..hehe

Congrats on the new ride! Be sure and pick up a 48 pilot jet and you should get a 170 main with the will need them!

Nice to hear Austin. I would be excited too, give us a review!

I will definally put up a review.I am going to try to ride on wednesday after class to break it in and get used to my first 450.Then I will be racing it at the Boo Koo Arenacross on friday.I sure hope its easy to get used to.

So far this is what I have ready to put on it:

-ARC cnc folding brake perch with ball bearing contact point

-Works Connection Elite perch with hotstart

-Spyder grips

-and I am ordering my pre-prints backgrounds today

If I remember correctly this is the setup I am after:

drop the forks 5mm

and 97mm of sag

Is that correct?I know if thats not right, that is the setup for the 06 250f.

2006 YZF450 (posted from Burned)

I can say one thing for sure, the stock yzf jetting will be super lean at sea level.

This bike ended up with a 48 pilot jet a 162 main here at 5500 ft.

It will be able to stand a 158 in the summer.

At sea level you will need a 48 pilot and 170-172 main jet.

Congrats on your new bike! :applause: Good luck with it.

Have fun with your first 450 :bonk:


04 CRF450

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