Round full wrap fork protectors for 2001 WR ?

Does anyone know if anyone other than LightSpeed makes the late model style lower fork protectors for 2001 YZ/WR's ?

I am not a big fan of the faceted look of the OEM style of the 2001/2002 WR guards and want the rounded full wrap style of the 05's

I also want them in blue which is why the LightSpeed versions wont work for me.

HERE IS A LINK to the LightSpeed units I am referring to.

This might be a dumb question, but to those fit the WR's? I'm never sure which YZ stuff fits the WR's but I like those guards.

Get the GYT-R ones! they are great too!

And yes, they fit the WR's!

Get the GYT-R ones! they are great too!

And yes, they fit the WR's!

Do the GYTR ones come available in the round style to fit bikes that did NOT come with the round style initially?

That was the nature of my post, so if you think they do please post up a link so I can look at them Matty, thanks bud.

Heya MAtty,

I looked through everything YZ/WR in both 426 and 450 and did not see any rounded fork guards, the Carbon Fiber ones they show are the same ones I have with the squared off edges/corners, I can get those at my local dealership.

I want the ones that look just like the rounded ones which come stock on newer model 450's to fit on my 426. LOWER FORK guards.

I am not sure you understand my point here....sorry.

Oh well........

Have you tried modifying '05 ones?

Just cut new holes if it doesn't fit.

the 05 mounting is totally different :bonk: i just ordered me a set of those lightspeeds(i've got 03 forks on my 05) just what i've been looking for :applause: scream, if your running them on your supermoto,maybe you could get some blue plastic paint?

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