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Hopefully you all wont scoff at this, cuz I am genuinely looking for your help.

I sold my CR 250 when I got married two years ago... Got my wife to try out my buddies bike in the field behind his house just recently, long story short, she loved it, wants a bike, which means I'm getting one too (now it will be easy to make the time to ride.)

Anyways, long time 2 stroke rider, I have looked at a couple used CR's, YZ's etc... from 01 to 03. Well, I came across an 03 YZF 450, about 40 hours on it, for what seems like a very competitive price ($2900).

I am very interested, but don't really know what to expect. I know it will be fun at the dunes, and at the track... everyone says so. But, I use to do a little freestyle, nothing amazing, but my buddy has some ramps and tables on his property, and I would like to continue freestyle. Can I do this on a 450? Figured I'd ask the folks who know. Thanks

id say stick with the 2 smoke for tricks, but im sure anything you want to do can be done on a a lot easier to ride around with the wife, were on a 2 smoker youd have to wind it all the time....IMO,

In NCIII they backflipped a yz450.

So I say if you want the four stroke it can be used for freestyle.

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