Golden Bolt. 05 yz450f

I crashed a few weeks ago and bent my subframe. I finally have the bike back together but I can't figure out where this last bolt goes?! :applause:

It is a long skinny gold bolt and washer.. All I took off was the airbox/subframe and rear plastics.

Someone please help me!

common.. There HAS to be the ONLY OEM gold bolt on the entire BIKE.. Where does it go??? I took off the entire airbox, and rear plastics and still can't find it!

My guess?

Somewhere off the exhaust.

I am not aware of any golden bolt...the longest bolt 4/5inches should be on the Subframe mount under the seat....

Other than "long skinny gold bolt" can you give a more detailed description. Is it a phillips, allen or hex head. Flange bolt or not. Diameter, length. Do you have a manual?

I'll take a stab in the dark though; chain roller bolt, mounts to the left side of the subframe.

Are you sure your mates arent playing tricks on you ?

air filter bolt???

Bottom chain roller bolt?????? :applause:

put it in the 'harley' box,one day you'll have enough pieces to build one :applause:

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