New Motor The Same As 05?

Look At The 06 Motor And The 05 Look To Be The Same Block Wondering If 06 Parts Like Cam And Such Would Work In An 05

They are the same to some degree ...they made some changes to the motor in regards to making it stronger & deeper oil groves stonger cam etc...better raids etc...not sure if they would work or not? good ?

There a quite a number of changes. Most parts are interchangeable but may need related parts (that work with them) to be changed at the same time.

apparently the 2006 KX250F motor only shares 20 part numbers with the 2005 motor.

The cylinder head will interchange with the 2005. It has the most valuable changes with flow and compression increases. But use the 06 head together with the 06 piston and rings. The 05 cams will work, but buy both 06 Exhaust and Intake though. The valves, seals, springs are all the same. The Tappets and retainers are new numbers, but will work. Use a Pro Circuit valve spring kit. Timing chain and guides are the same. Flywheel is new design but interchanges for the 04-05 owners. Stator is the same with the 05. 06 Coil and wiring harness is different. Engine cases are changed because of the newer oil pump and the larger countershaft bearing size. The counter shaft is bigger along with the gears on the counter shaft. Crank halves are new design. Rod is the same as 04-05. Fibre Clutch plates are new number but interchange.

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