Looking to ride around me in NY.

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of a place I can ride say an hour or 2 from me. Im in The Bronx NYC area.

Englishtown is closed and so is Long Island Motocross so Im going nut's.

Thanx for your help.

You only go around once in this life so go around as fast as you can. :applause:


LIMX's website states they are open throughout the winter... weather permiting. Have you viewed thier site or called them to confirm?

BTW, I checked out your link. Very nice bike you bought yourself, Merry Christmas!

I'm a guitarist and Gibson owner/lover as well!

MX and guitars are my life's passions. I'm a blues, jazz, soul & rock player.

I live about 20 mins from Island MX and am looking forward to E-town in the spring. Perhaps we can meet up, talk about Gibs and ride sometime. :applause:

Hey yea I called a few times and I no the owner Joe he is down in Florida he will be back in the spring so that's out.So it looks like Feb is the soonest :bonk:

As far as guitars yea Im playing one right now.Almost as good as motocross he he .Yea get in touch anytime we can do some riding I go to English town every Wens and Sun.Regards,Steve :applause:

I assume you want to ride mx. If this is true Rausch Creek is about 2.5 away from you in PA. If you want to trail ride try tower city or Paragon also in PA.

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