Getting 06 TC250 tomarrow

Yep I am excited about adding this machine to my line-up!!! I do intend on riding it in Carnegie, and Hollister as well as many other places, but I understand it does not come with a spark arrestor which is required in state parks.. What options do I have? Is there a simple fix, do I need a new slip-on or is there complete aftermarket pipes available.



i thought i read somewhere that the TC's come with 2 exhaust's one with the spark arrester and one with out hum :applause:

all the 2006 tc models we have received came with both mufflers.dan.

Thanks guys. Good info....

This is a great forum..

Lets see some pictures when you get your new toy Rich. :applause:

The 06 TC is green sticker legal and comes with both silencers - race pipe and spark arrestor. Both made by Arrow - very light and high quality.

The sound is very nice too. Spark arrestor is straight through but relatively quiet and will pass sound check at the CA riding areas.

I recommend a little lock tite on the brake disc attachment bolts, and have the dealer tell you the starting drill. It starts first or second kick if you follow the drill. I've only used the hot start twice and both times it worked very well.

Be ready to break it in for a while - the forks are very stiff for trail riding at first - two to three clicks in from softest setting to start unless you're very heavy. After a few hours you can begin to tighten it up until it feels right - I think it's a bit stiff overall, but it does take big hits well.

My kickstarter broke at the beginning of my third ride and is being replaced under warranty. A CR kickstarter works, but it's a bit dangerous as it runs the side of your foot into the peg.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am mine! I have about 12 hours on it now, and love it - especially the rear suspension and how it always hooks up under any conditions. I'll b heading up to Humboldt for some woodsy winter trail blasting later in the week.


Leo Vince makes a slip-on and full sysem for enduros

Akrapovic makes an exhaust for them too, im just not sure what material or what style.

~Gumby :applause:

The '06 TC comes standard with a full Ti Arrow system, so I would be reluctant to spend big money on what is essentially the same thing from someone else.

Let me know how it rides though because I'm looking for a 250F in April but haven't decided yet. I'm tempted by the KTM but I've seen far too many people at the side of the track trying to start them hot...

I spent a little time on one of these. they are very very good! My gut feal is it should run with the Orange SXF and that is saying a lot. What it does need is less sqyirt from the AC pump, the popular Honda diaphram does the job or as this carb has a leak jet (#35) you can just replace that jet with one around a #75 or drill the 35 with a 1/32 bit (makes it about an #80)

starting drill? What is it.... i -tried- to kick my (new to me) 2004 TE250 the other day and about killed myself....

Brought the bike home from Moore & Son's in Santa Cruz. John is a very nice guy to deal with. Not like buying a bike from East Bay Motorsport or other large scale dealers.

Yes the bike does come with a nice pipe, and two slip-ons made by Arrow. One for race, and other is spark arrestor to get you in the state parks. Bike is also green sticker.

No-need to buy aftermarket pipe. This one is nice. (Another plus over the big 4).

This is my first non Japanese bike. Now I just need to get out there, and try it out! :bonk:

Rain, Rain ---Go away! :applause:

I rode a 06 TC250 as well and fell in love.

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