Fork Air Volume Chambers

I have a 2004 KX250F with Kayaba supension and I am thinking of adding fork air volume chambers. Can I do this without doing anything else to the stock suspesion? Would there be a gain in performance? Would I need to add or sutract oil?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Do a search on sub tanks...insane amounts of info...

Thanks. I found a ton like you said.

If I had it to do over again, I would buy the set from framebreaker racing.

Their good looking and do not require drilling the stock caps. This will make a big difference come resale time. Use the tanks for a year or so, then ebay them or transfer to your new bike.

i have 05' kx250F...enzo was was saying how much it helps on this bike..i bought some and wow they are amazing...

u need to make sure that they fit...on the kx250f the igniton is right there behind the numberplate between the when enzo installed there standard subtanks the front end wouldnt turn side to side cuz the tanks would hit the ignition..... luckily Will and the other guys are cool at enzo he gave me a set of custom made1 piece subtanks that were used on team yamaha of troy's bikes...they are much smaller and not round...ide hate to see u buy them and not have them fit properly

That is a nice clean looking set up 651! Are those tanks a different volume than the round ones?

there a lil smaller than standard..but feel the same and work the same...

but with the tanks and the other work enzo did its freaking i bomb down the big glen helen downhill and u cant feel anything anymore...befor ide be kicking side to side like a maniac

That is a nice clean looking set up 651! Are those tanks a different volume than the round ones?

For $400 it had better be nice looking...

The really nice thing about the Enzo setup (if you can afford it) is the valve is incorporated into the tank cap itself. Very nice machine work.

Thanks everone for the replies!!

i paid 350$ acually...but those were custom made only availible to yamaha of troy..they cost twice as much...the gusy at enzo are awsome i highly recomend them

Hey 450, I just put a set of Aircell's on my RMZ450 ($260). They work great. Well worth the money. They soak up everything in the 1st portion of the stroke. They are very plush feeling. I had my suspension revalved and it works great. No complaints. But what a huge difference. I let my buddy who is an A rider ride the bike and he was a sceptic. He's rode the bike quite a bit so he knows the bike. 1st thing he said when he got off the bike was "Wow, plush". :applause:

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