china bike mods?

are there any mods for the chinese bikes? there has to be some thing out there there are so many out there but i cant find anything for the chinese bike. the bike was only $600 compared to thousands for a real pit bike. but it moves decent what can i do to trick out the bike i have? besides the muffler mod?

yes, TONS of mods are available...


high-compression pistons

big pipes

aftermarket rev-boxes

complete inner rotor kits

My advice:

Get a high-compression will be amazing. Also, get a 24mm carb or larger or take the time to PROPERLY jet your stock carb if you're a cheapo :-)

Vince (thecrkid on thumpertalk) @ tboltusa can get you great deals on piston kits and carbs....give him a jingle

outlawminis can sell you parts from Tboltusa as well,

A good shock is allways nice

my pro pitbike came with a 38mm carb is this normal for a pit pro 125

38mm carb?

I doubt're measuring the wrong side I would bet :-)

38mm &%$#@!!!

have to measure the side that joins to the manifold mate.

Nice link No-fear that advise goes for a china 110 as well i presume (with some exceptions , air box or any parts that are different)

take the pipe off and grind the weld off of the inside of the header mine was like and oval and it was suppose to be a perfect circle and now it is

Specifically, you have to measure the smallest portion of the passage through the carb, typically the openings on either side of the slide. The id on the intake and filter bells will be larger.

What spark plug for a 110?

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