06 kx250f first ride !!!!!!!!

I bought my bike about a month ago and had been patiently waiting for some nice weather. well we finally has some rare warm weather here in utah and I was able to finally ride this thing. This was my first ride on a 4 stroke & to be honest with all the negative comments saying 4 strokes are boring I was worried. Then all worries went out the window within 5 minutes. This thing rips and is super fast. Far from boring and I am now sold on the 4 stroke :bonk: plus the suspension was super smooth. :applause:

Good to hear, cant wait to get me one.

sweet dude! i also bought an 06 about 2 weeks ago, ive heard alot of crappy things about the four stroke but i love them so much now, i will never go back!!

I've riden my 06 about 10 times indoors only and I am very impressed. I use to have a 99 kx125 with a 80mm big bore kit and my 250f blows it away. I'm hooked on the 4 strokes now. They are very rider freindly. I cant wait to get it outside when the snow melts(I'm from Michigan).

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