Jan 1st TNT in SC

I'll be at TNT in SC at there little new years fun day thing. Anyone else coming? I have a '91 white F-150 with a 2006 ktm250sxf. A.R.C Corona Gear.

Btw, my name is Steven. (17yr 5'10, and brown hair) look for me!

ill be there for sure i havent missed 1 since they started it . ill be in a white ford van with amsoil stickers on the sides . im breakin in my new 450 yammie :applause: #5 is on my bike . ill look 4 ya . oh yea the mx relay race is really fun if u havent tried it u need to. what # r u runnin ?

i'll be there. I'll have a 04' RMZ250 with no numbers and no "gear" other than helmet, gloves, goggles, and boots. I'll be in jeans and a shirt. Driving a green x-ploder. Name is Will. See ya there!

That was awsome there. I saw you on your SX-F (or someone else) passing me in the woods (I was taking it easy, my 1st time at TNT)

I couldn't believe how many people were there! My brother and I had a blast. wee rode the tracks and the trails. Didi anyone try the trail of tears???? WOW that stuff was tight. The regular trails felt like I-85 after riding the trail of tears. We had a blast riding the tracks. Some kid on a CR 125 did an "over the Bars" right infront of me and he was slow to get up. Kinda had me scared. He ended up being ok.


My son & I were there. Even more people than last year! We rode the trails mostly, a little bit on the small track in the back. We have a pair of CRF230Fs.

We've done that Trail of Tears once, a few months back. Never been so tired! and it was late in the day so the sun was casting long shadows, making it even harder.

We'll be back soon. Hopefully it won't be a month like it was this time.


I was there. I have been to the majority of them... usually working. I was able to help with the mud bog, tag team race and pit bike race. Then I actually got some riding in on my DRZ250 but fried the brakes so I got the YZ262F out but got a flat.

Spent Sunday in the garage fixing bikes.

Nice way to start off the New Year for sure :applause:


Yeah my bro was there with my nephew and we had a blast. This was the second time we had been there. Such a long drive for each of us as it is 2.5 hrs drive for us both.

yessir, the trail of tears is a tight one! last time i was there i found it and actually had to use the clutch. i wimped out and bailed out of the trail when i saw the nice, wide plains of the kasel trail. i'm ready, ready, ready to ride......my wrist has quit hurting and my knee feels to be in good working order again. of course, the weather is supposed to be cold this weekend!

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