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2004 450R Vortex report

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Just been riding in my state for 3 days in the mountain regions. Temp was 25-35 celcius so bloody hot!!!.

Anyway I run a pretty modded offroad 04 450R.

The trails I rode were rocky steep, loose rock windy hilly trails with lots of dust.

First ride I inadvertedly used the max power selection on the vortex X10 - this is for ball tearing power. I only realised this after a series of long steep climbs (1-2 mins or so)

Then I switched to the torque setting.

My god the bike is a tractor - made climbing hills much much easier as the hit got smoothed ridht out!! I run a 17 oz flywheel, 14/48 gearing and stock exhaust. I never switched the ignition back to full power mode - it's just not needed.

Many think this gearing is wrong - which I must admit I initially agreed with. But now I simply cannot believe how versatile this bike is. I mean I was riding up an downhills that were massively steep idling up in 1st or flying up in 2nd or 3rd. The bike just pulls and pulls!!! I rode for 10 hours Tuesday and the bike just ran and ran. Started easy and just was awesome. No stalling or anything like that.

Secretly I have wanted to make the power like my 628XR. I think I have finally succeeded!! The CRF450R is everything the big XR is in power - x 2!!! It is docile if I want it to be or lightening if I wind the throttle on. I have a digital tacho and speedo and mostly I was riding in the 4-7k rpm range.

If a do muck up a hill climb then I can simply start where I stop and get going again. The big XR would be wheel spinning and require a complete re run at the hill.

I am convinced that the 450R is seriously the BEST trailbike ever. It does everything.

Out on the open stuff 14/48 was fine. I am even contemplating delaying fitting the WR gearbox I got. I simply cannot believe how the Vortex X 10 ignition, big flywheel and stator go together to make such an awesome trailbike. Plus I can ride all day in the heat and not worry about oil - the tank recirculates the engine oil.

Since I only trailride I highly recommend the vortex x10 and the trailtech extra heavy flyhweel and stator combo. IMO they are must do mods to make the bike a true trailbike.

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