05 valve cover leak?

i just bought a used 05 450 today and took it to a field to try it out, and after about 20 minutes of riding i noticed an oil leak at the spot up top where the plastic looks like a half circle :applause: has anyone else had this and what did you do to fix it. thanks

you should take the valve cover off and see if the gasket is hard and brittle. if it is you should replace it. you also want to use a slight bit of gasket sealer in those half moon areas. i would suggest to find non hardining(?) gasket sealer also. even if the gasket is nice and soft you should apply a small amount of sealer. i think greggs started leaking awhile back but he has a bunch of hours on his. hope this helps.

Tore it down and put black silicone on the four corners of the half moons. This fixed it.

Thanks for the advise. :applause:

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