I-Shock fitting problems

I had a I-Shock for Christmas to put on my Thumpstar 110 and went to put it on an i realized that it is too wide to fit into the swingarm. so dad said grind either the swing arm to have a wider gap or the shock to be a shorter width. which does anyone recomend?

what ishock modle did u get? one for the crf or like an sdg....u can try swapping out hardware from each shock...like put the stock thumpstar spacers on the ishock and it should work....

thats what i did i bought a crf50 ishock for my sdg and it didnt fit so i swaped out spacers and worked like a charm

Grind the swingarm.

i say grind the swingarm. ive heard of people doin that and it works fine.

u just have to widen the bracket on the swing arm where the ishock fits, my mate had to do this to fit his ishock in.

get a bolt and 2 heavy duty nuts put the bolt through the brackent and do the nuts up, then use 2 shifters on hte nuts to make the bracket expand a little.

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