xr100 big bore kit???

i was origionally going to put a kitaco 145 big bore in my cr/xr conversion. i am now thinking of putting a 120 with a powroll stroker. is this a good kit? what size stroker should i use? would it be abe to compete with 85cc 2-smokes? or should i just save up and get a 145? i herd a bunch of stuff about the 145 like having to run race gas, stripping starter gears, etc. or if u guys have a diff kit that is good i could use the knowledge.

thank you very much


To compete with 85cc two strokes, you will need the 145 kit (and a converted cr85). But it also depends on the track. I rode my friends 145 again yesterday and it has a ton more bottom and pulls harder than my 120. If the track has 40'-60' tables or doubles you would have to be able to rail the 120 to do them, but with the 145, it won't be that much of a problem. Although, if you're going to race the beginner or novice class, a 120 would work. But any higher class, you'll have to have the 145 kit just to in the hunt. At Starwest, which is the a supercross track the fastest people I see, are 85 expert kids. They go by everybody on any bike. My buddy's kid won some series against 85's on his 120 conversion, but I don't know what level it was, so who knows. Just pinn it.

Just pinn it.

Now there's some good racing advice when in doubt gas it.

Pin it to win it bro :applause:

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