I freakin hate FMF

I read it was good for stock to mild engines (under 150cc). If you plan on running the kit from Powroll or Engines Only then the recommended pipe was the Pro Circuit. Like I said thats just what I read (pretty sure it was in this forum), I haven't had any experience with either. I think I am going to go with the pro circuit when I get to that point. The price seemed comprable.

I know i won't be putting a big bore kit on. So i geuss the FMF is a good buy?

i have that pipe. its great it sounds soooooooo cooool and my klx125 has bottom end power now. totally recommend it.

I'll get it soon then. thanks alot

Its ok, but the other pipes are way better. But the fmf is cheaper too.

i have a t-4 it's a really good pipe

Wow. What people will do to have people read their post.....

The Yosh TRS pipe works really good either stock or modified.

The Pro Circuit is the BEST!!!!! :applause: The FMF is cheaper b/c it is only a slip on. It will not give you the preformance of the PC, BBR, Yosh, or Two Brothers b/c they are all full systems.

I have the PC and it RIPS!!!!!! :bonk:

I will try that. sorry for the confusion but my new account is alexsuzuki125 not alex12634 sorry

just remember complete systems are BETTER...

OKAY i'll remember

I'm looking at pipes for my boy's 125. I have found an FMF powercore that motorport.com says comes with headpipe.

I definitely want a complete system. Is there a midpipe for the 125, or just a header and silencer?



I also saw that..but its still $170.. i would email them to be sure. Also the pipe has a head pipe, mid/tailpipe, and silencer can.

for those curious, here is the link:


Here's the deal. Per Dr DRZ's advice, I called FMF. They dont make a headpipe for the DRZ or KLX125. So I called Motorsports Outlet. The guy on the phone claims it is an FMF headpipe. When I explained that FMF told me they don't make a headpipe for that bike, and asked if it was another aftermarket header, he said "no, it's a complete system."

I asked, "From the silencer to the cylinder head?"

"yes. the whole thing."

So for that price, I still think he is full of it, but he's the 2nd phone sales guy from there to tell me this. I am naturally cautious.

What do y'all think? I am being sold a bill of goods? I guess I should just go with a complete PC, Yosh, or BBR pipe, but I like FMF (use it on my two-strokes).


ok, last update.

I talked to another rep at motorsports, and he confirmed that it is just a slip-on silencer.

problem solved. now I will definitely buy from them, because he took the time to make a call and check the part in stock.

however, it will be a Pro Circuit complete.

Souldve got Yosh. Good choice though, youll like it

dude i will guarantee you that its a full system, i will also put a wager on it too

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