Tinted Goggles

Could someone recommend a good goggle with a tinted lens?

I am looking for the lens to have a medium tint.


I have some Scott Ultimate High Volatge googles that work well, the tint is a little dark, I really like my Spy goggles too. I like the blue tints the best.

I use the Smith Fuel LST it goes from clear to a nice mello tint as the sun gets brighter.

You could just buy a new lense for your current goggles. When I got a tinted one for my old scotts, I only had to pay like $10.

I use scott gradient tint ( gets darker as sun gets brighter) and they are great! Blue tint....


Pro Grip fan here, the light sensitive lens is my choice. It always seems the right tint for the conditions.

Yeah, not to hijack the thread, but the progrip 3400 ls goggle is the best in the world. Maybe the universe. I can't fog them for anything (sitting in the rain with steam coming off my chest protectors and breathing hard: no fog). My friends were applying no fog to their supposed no fog goggles all day, and asking what I was using. Nothing. Just stock pro grips. And the lens quickly changes tint.

I agree, I just ordered another pair (carbon fiber).

my oakleys came w/ a light blue tint and i love em.. :applause:

go for the smith ti with blue tints I love them

Spy Alloys w/ either blue or mirror smoke.

I really enjoy the pro-grip goggles w/light sensitive lenses with the tear off mounts. They are comfortable.

Pro Grip light sensitive goggles are awesome.You can go from the woods to a bright wide open spot and not notice any eye strain. I can only fog mine if I'm off the bike working to get unstuck or something.

I give another vote for The Pro Grips.

I've been using them for about 2 years and they rock

I just ordered the Oakley Black Iridium lenses but I am having doubts about the decision. I ride in Arizona where it is very bright....to the point that it is hard to see details on the trail (snowblind). I'm hoping someone on TT has experience with these lenses and can tell me what to expect. I may be able to catch the order before they ship.....they were very pricey!!



I use scott gradient tint ( gets darker as sun gets brighter) and they are great! Blue tint....


Where did you get those from?? I think I would like to get some!

SPY Targa MX II w/ a silver mirror tint :applause::bonk:

I have the Scott Ultimate High Voltage and am a little dissapointed. The mirrored lenses scratch very very easy. I got replacement lenses for like 40 bucks and got two rides out of them. I am going to try the light sensitive ones next. Maybe try a light senstive lens in your current goggles first.

Oakley with Blue Lens

I have a yellow tint "high definition" tint on my smith goggles. It really made a difference on sunny days and the swirl doesn't show up as much as it does on the clear goggle lens that I had on there before

I like the tint of the hologram lense in my Scott model 87's, the tint is only really noticeable on bright days or dark woods sections.

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